Friday, November 13, 2009

Drama Queen’s last stand

It is with great regret that the family of Joan “the drama Queen” announce that the voice has been silenced but the spirit released!

Drama Queen’s last stand was a mighty battle worthy of songs and stories. We live in her love and ask that you remember her in the way that you knew her. Let her life inspire you as it has inspired her family. Rejoice in the little things and the young people in your life  as she did. Listen to others and tell your stories with strength and pride.

We hope that in touching you she will live with you as she has lived with us, as a beacon of love.

Monday, October 12, 2009


clip_image002Little Liam

He’s very much a person, little Liam.

He toddles round the room

exploring things,



will it open?

What’s inside? Dare I look?

I’ll close the door then try again.

Hurray, it works!

When little Liam looks happy

a smile lights up his face

that is infectious.

Two bright eyes meet yours

and suddenly

the day is filled with happiness.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Monday Poem

Wait for me.

River winding to the sea, wait for me.

Rippling gently, rushing slowly,

Take me with you, keep me buoyant,

Pushing ever onwards, make me free.


Whisk me in your steady current

Bobbing briskly with its force,

Undeterred by sudden torrent

Keeping ever a clear course.


No time to wait, to hesitate,

Stagnate in boggy marsh;

Drawn by undertow and flow

Through terrain however harsh.


Immerse me in the endless sea.

Winding river, wait, oh wait for me.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Sunday Morning at Tulferris


Sun shines, leaves aquiver

Trees of red and brown surround

Dappled paving, windows glitter,

In the woodland not a sound.

Golf course basks in light supreme

Sun reflects on shiny clubs

Chipping to the nearest green

Muffled clunk of ball on steel.

People move and voices chatter

Under sky of cloudless blue

Overlooking ruffled water

Breakfasts nourish life anew.

Cleaners clean and Hoovers hum

Last night’s debris all has vanished

Bags are loaded into cars

To our homes again we’re banished.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Frank Poem 4TFE

He flew me to the moon and sprinkled my life with stardust.

He lulled me to a comfort zone when I was feeling most alone.

No lover ever swung to the sound his songs more than me

And he raised my game in pursuit of fame,

Massaged the frown from my brow when I was down

As if he knew what I was going through when, in the wee small hours, I was tempted to  have one more for the road.

He taught me to reinvent myself, to do it my way, time after time and saved me from getting eternally caught in the tender trap.

And now, although it’s over; its over, he’s gone, the melody lingers in my heart every time I listen to him sing.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

A Maze Zing

I’ve had an amazing time! 

I even learned to rhyme a sonnet here and there;

to sup soup in the sun, sat  in a garden chair;

bring kids to the zoo with an elephant in tow;

light a fire with words (in my gifted way, don’t you know);

I was watered, fed and minded in the most delightful way

by some people who, each one of whom, had loads and loads to say

about history and and memory and stag-nighters and the like,

One even, in the morning, round a lake did have a hike.

Others lay and gobbled ‘Irish’ from the comfort of the bed.

(The sour ‘ould wan’ was given a plate of prunes instead!)

Then we listened to the radio to some outrageous chap

who claimed that he liked rivers (full of water, like a tap).

We appreciated grandeur and sat in a gracious room

until refreshments were delivered. Then to the cars Voom Voom!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Electric Shocks

Niamh should have the tent up by now, wellies not needed, but by the look of the sky here at 12.30, I wouldn’t put them far out of reach.  Even thinking about the delights in store down there leaves me exhausted (from envy).  I’m never in the right place at the right time.  I even missed Glastonbury, for God’s sake.

Colm is ready to strut his stuff on the big stage, should be fairly petrified this minute, but once he sees the audience out front, he’ll be fine.  He’ll produce his shy, charming smile - then blast them out of it.

David is basking in the glory of being short-listed for Sean O Faolain – such an international list, isn’t it?  Why am I not surprised?  Bravo Dave. We’ll all be rooting for  you for the major award (the cream buns will be on you if  you win actual cash.)

Louise will be reading her wonderful story to the group.  I bet there’s a prize lurking there too.

And Matt is probably terrified about his radio performance in the morning on Liffey Sound fm 96.4 at 11 o’clock.  We’ll all be listening to your Home Show.

Is this the end of the summer season, or is there more to come?  Well, in radio land there is a whole feast prepared to keep us going for the cold(er) months of autumn and winter.