Sunday, November 30, 2008

Frosty Sunday

I should be writing a Christmas story now, shouldn't I?  It's nearly too late really, but I meant to get down to it today.  However the freezing weather was not encouragement to sit up in the cold upper room where my PC lives.  I could do with a hot whiskey to wrap my freezing fingers around.

A young friend set up this blog for me - so it will be all downhill from now on.  Still I can confide in you folk and offload my cares in congenial company.  That's better than being alone.

not that I dislike being alone.  i spend most of my time wishing that other people would go away so that I could get something done, in a manner of speaking.  Trouble is, I rarely get anything done.  today is an exception - I actually got an article written, well, drafted anyway.  It needs a bit more work on it, but maybe tomorrow the sun will shine and Yes, yes I will get something done.

Its on days like this that I wish I had a fireplace.  Can't you imagine the flames leaping up the chimney making orange and green and purple patterns.