Monday, October 12, 2009


clip_image002Little Liam

He’s very much a person, little Liam.

He toddles round the room

exploring things,



will it open?

What’s inside? Dare I look?

I’ll close the door then try again.

Hurray, it works!

When little Liam looks happy

a smile lights up his face

that is infectious.

Two bright eyes meet yours

and suddenly

the day is filled with happiness.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Monday Poem

Wait for me.

River winding to the sea, wait for me.

Rippling gently, rushing slowly,

Take me with you, keep me buoyant,

Pushing ever onwards, make me free.


Whisk me in your steady current

Bobbing briskly with its force,

Undeterred by sudden torrent

Keeping ever a clear course.


No time to wait, to hesitate,

Stagnate in boggy marsh;

Drawn by undertow and flow

Through terrain however harsh.


Immerse me in the endless sea.

Winding river, wait, oh wait for me.