Monday, October 5, 2009

Monday Poem

Wait for me.

River winding to the sea, wait for me.

Rippling gently, rushing slowly,

Take me with you, keep me buoyant,

Pushing ever onwards, make me free.


Whisk me in your steady current

Bobbing briskly with its force,

Undeterred by sudden torrent

Keeping ever a clear course.


No time to wait, to hesitate,

Stagnate in boggy marsh;

Drawn by undertow and flow

Through terrain however harsh.


Immerse me in the endless sea.

Winding river, wait, oh wait for me.


  1. Lovely poem DQ!!! really like the longing in it, the third stanza stands out for me, it has a lovely rhythm. Think we picked the same picture! Great minds...

  2. Hi DQ lovely to see you posting again!

    Love your poem though it makes me feel sad.

  3. Tried the sonnet to see if I could. Good old Tulfaris! Hard work there paid off1
    I was afraid people would find it sad - I found it sad myself when it was done.

  4. Oh Joan, it's wonderful. And it's okay if it's sad. It's part of what makes it great.

  5. Last two lines work beautifully.
    And hello.

  6. It does have a poignancy that appeals to me. Nicely done.

  7. It is sad DQ, but that's because it works as a poem.A poem should move you in some way,I prefer sad poems. Ilove the full circle from the opening lines linking to, and being repeated at, the end with the extra 'oh wait' for added effect.I suppose the full circle of life is there too, the river water flowing to the sea,then evaporating to the sky, falling as rain in the river etc A great poem.
    Lovely, thank you!

  8. Great to get a bit of positive feedback. This is a lovely Monday idea. Thanks TFE for conjouring it up and drawing so many of us into your web.

  9. Peaceful flow. I'm floating on the river now...

  10. It makes me sad too - but that is the beauty of it - like the water of life itself. I love it

  11. This is a lovely poem, conjured a rich landscape for me and the the final lines are excellent. Love the sense of movement throughout the poem.

  12. Where'd my comment go? I left a really witty one, oh well. I loved this poem. It's the best of the bunch for me. Really really touching.

  13. Your comment didn't arrive - I'm sure it was very entertaining!
    And thank you to all the 'new' friends who commented. Most reassuring.