Friday, March 6, 2009


My Blog is being aggressively rejecting.  I have tried to post a few but they disappear into cyber-space and do not appear on my page.  So if you have been condemning me for laxity, I plead innocence.

The gremlin first of all hit my pc, freezing the cursor and refusing access to Emails – my life-line of communication with the outside world.  My Engineer is busy studying for his Leaving (and playing his Xbox) so hasn’t had as much time to place at my disposal as I would like.  The fact that he is financially comfortable for the past few weeks may have something to do with it.  Oh, wait till the recession hits him and his tune (heavy metal) will change rapidly.  In the meantime I am considering bringing in re-enforcements.

While relieved from the chore of Blogging I have a) painted myself into a corner, so to speak – walls and tables bedecked with half-completed efforts, decreasing in quality as the days went by and my arms grew tired. and b) sowing scallion and courgette seeds in small containers that lurk on the windowsill but show no sign  yet of  sprouting slivers of green.  My what wonderful salads I am going to present to my non-vegetarian family in April and May.

My novel is no further advanced but I have an idea for a ‘Forbiden Love’ 1500 word entry for Saggart.  this unfortunately may have to be scrapped as the plot took a sad turn towards un-healthiness.  I blame peer-pressure.  I once was a nice clean-minded person.  that was a long time ago, I fear, the the deterioration increases in fortnightly leaps into the sordid. Last night I had a dream which included several experiences that I have never even read about, never mind had happen to me.  I think the Pinot Grigo may have had something to do with it.

I need advice.  should I a) change my friends b) cut out the vino or c) thank my lucky stars for inert brain activity?

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