Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Sweet Auburn

I've been so lazy - no blogging in the past week.  No nothing else either I must admit.  Lots of plans though, none of which have been carried out.

I have a plan that I will carry out though.  Have been invited to go for a painting-weekend, starting on Friday afternoon.  There will be 10 of us sharing two houses.  Arrive early afternoon, dine 'at home' and discuss the work for the next day.  On Saturday paint 9.30 - 12.30; lunch 12.30 - 2 and paint again till 5.30 when we will get all dolled up and go out for a slap up dinner.  On Sunday morning we will complete our painting and head home early afternoon.  It will cost around €200 in total.

Now doesn't that sound wonderful? 

I know a couple of the people on this trip - but have no idea how good they are at painting.  Me, I'm pretty bad.  That's no being humble - perish the thought - just an honest assessment of my capacity.  I really enjoy the concentration needed to get the bloody paint on to the bloody canvas despite the best efforts of the bloody brush to thwart me.  I had one winter of classes - but I was starting from way back - you know, no flair, little imagination, just a bit of determination.  Last year I painted following the directions in books, or copying pictures I like.  I have two of them here before me.  One is of the White Cliffs of Dover, viewed from across a cove.  The houses in the foreground are ok and the sea is rather flat but it is nice to waken up to.  The other is a cornfield with a gate in it.  Not very beautiful, you would think - and you're probably right.  But this is one that I followed the instructions for, and threw it there disgusted when I was finished because it looked a mess.  But hey presto!  When I put a mounting around it I grew to like it.  It has a certain 'je ne sais pas' quality that appeals to my weird brain.

Anyway, that's me fixed up for the weekend.  I just hope it's not cold and that the snow doesn't come back; and that I don't get drunk and disgrace myself (mind you, I'm harmless enough, just get even more boring and fall asleep, sometimes even before the people who I think are listening to me and much impressed with my wisdom  nod off).

If I paint a masterpiece I will photograph it and show it to you all - once I find out how to do that.  My blog won't let me post pictures unless I join something or other.  I'd join if I understood how to do so as long as it wasn't expensive.

Excuse me now.  I must check out my paints and brushes and apron and pallet..........

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  1. a) I want to go on painting weekend. Sounds wonderful!

    b) I'll be right over to sort out the picture problem! That's not on!

    c) I've seen your pics, you're very good!