Monday, May 11, 2009

Lazy Bloggers


As soon as the various cushions scattered themselves abroad the blogging stopped!  No insights into the deep minds of those whose fingers tap out pearls of wisdom for the general edification of the creative writers.

I can understand that many are recovering from the wonderful wedding day where the interior decorating was exciting as cushions of all kinds rotated among the guests and we all raised  glasses to the good health of the bridal couple – some of us perhaps raised our glass a few times more often than was good for our own well being, but I have heard of no disastrous results so far.

Why do weddings make us all dewey-eyed and sentimental?  I suppose it is the eternal hope that love will stay and grow with the years, and that life will be kind.  We are hoping for it for ourselves too, of course, not just for the ‘happy couple’. 

I do hope they enjoyed our gift which was chosen with love and decorated delicately by Oubliette’s flexible fingers. 

I must go now and try and complete the task set last week by the most energetic one among us and create that poem……

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  1. The gift was amazing - it will be treasured forever - such work and thought went into it, thanks so much - from 2 happy newlyweds!