Saturday, May 16, 2009

Scary Sunny Saturday


You may well wonder why I’m blogging on such a delightful sunny Saturday while my friends are busy brushing up their writing skills at our Group morning?

Well, I have a day off, that’s why!  Like many a family during this month of May when the ‘Flowers of the Fairest’ are in bloom all over the place (and my courgettes, both of them, are doing very nicely too, thank you for asking) we have a religious milestone to celebrate.  Three, in fact, and all in the one family.

Almost thirteen-year-old girl was confirmed last week.  Nine-year-old boy received his first Holy Communion yesterday with two others from his special school.  And baby-girl will be christened this afternoon.  Isn’t that a lot of things to be thankful for and to enjoy?  A joint party will accommodate cousins and friends at a bun-fight later on in the day.

Mind you, days like this are not without their pit-falls.  Did I get a boy-card or a girl- card for the particular centre of attraction, and did I manage to send them on the right days, and did they arrive in time?  Have I left somebody out or put the wrong gifts in the wrong parcels?  Mistakes like this shouldn’t be important, but they are in these days of sophisticated children who never miss a trick.  No doubt all will be revealed when I see them.  I should have done what the younger folk are doing and waited to bring the cards etc with me.  But one can’t think of everything, can one?

If the sun keeps shining, and I arrive in time, and my feet don’t give out, and my pocket isn’t totally depleted by grasping little fingers I should have a marvellous day.  And by blogging away for myself I’m sure I have contributed to my writing practice and won’t feel guilty for deserting the troops as they share their carefully honed pieces in the lovely room in the Library.

Best be off, time is of the essence…..

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