Monday, June 1, 2009

Hey! Hey! I’m a Winner

Honoured is the only word that comes to mind!  Selected as a Blog Award-winner by Various.  I’m told I should publish the award, list seven things I like, and issue further awards.

I can’t do the first, so that will have to wait.

What do I like, then?

1.  Sunshine & flowers & birdsong.  Things to nurture the inner self

2.  The buzz, buzz, buzz of the media world that keep the mind alert.

3.  A G & T Sun-downer brimming with ice, preferably outdoors, overlooking the sea while waves crash on the rocks or turn on the sand.  Gives me the courage to share my scintillating conversation with all and sundry.

4.  Grand-daughter’s excited face as she invites me to come and see her play Polonius in a half-hour production of Hamlet on Thursday next. (She’s 10).

5.  Tuscany in late summer, driving on on wonderful roads to visit Sienna – stuffed full of olives and tomatoes and local wine.  Restaurants with crisp white table-cloths and shining glasses and silver cutlery and staff ready to dance attention on me and cater for my every whim. (They don’t come cheap!)

6.  My Visa Card – that makes life possible whatever the bank balance.

7.  Writers Morning in the Library, surrounded by friends and being challenged to pen an interesting piece on an impossible topic.  Not to mention cream buns.



Blog Awards

Hax Attack (see link on home page).  Such a clever guy this is.

Various: Always fresh and exciting (or at least excited) about something. She’s not a comfortable cushion – but so vivid and colourful!  And such a slave driver.  I don’t know how laid-back Mr VC keeps up with her.

Oubliette: My weird friend who can find philosophy pouring from the mouths of babes and can conjure up a plot from a whisper flying through the air.

Matt Bolton for his intriguing poems.

Beedlemama who I hope will keep us informed about the prospective move to Wicklow – if she can get the car out of the clamp.


  1. Win! I would like to thank my parents, my kitten, my missus and a hateful, hateful world for inspiration!!! Do I have to do the seven things now?

  2. "weird"... gee thanks DQ... its jealousy, right? My brilliant mind, my sipping wine in the Loire... hmm... mumble mumble, I'll give you weird...

  3. Sorry DO but checked my Thesaurus and see it means "unusual", Mysterious", "unconventional" (as well as a lot of les complimentry things).
    Amd yes, jealousy is at the heart of it. But then you knew that.
    But then, you missed Cantona in Dublin so I can do without the bouquet of the Bordeaux and the whiff of the Brie......I think!

  4. All right, I'll work with those definitions :)

    Did Eric send his love? Did he tell you that he missed me???

  5. Eric said "Je suis desolé Ou est mon petit choux"? Not sure if he was heart-broken or just hungry.