Sunday, June 28, 2009

Variously Challenged

Challenged by Various, I can’t think of 7 things from the last 24 but the week had a few highlights.

1. Drove through the Wicklow mountains to Glendalough.  Wicklow is tame towards Connemara but has a certain charm of its own, and I do love the Blessington Lakes in the sunshine.

2. Saw ‘The Gandhi’s play the blues on Miriam O’Callaghan.  Young band from Lucan, they did very well. 

3. Sorry the Lions didn’t win the test – but I knew O’Gara shouldn’t have kept his hands in his pockets when the queen came to call.  These things come back to bite you.

4. Got a chance to see some of Jacko’s performances again and feel the excitement.  Great showman but troubled soul – he leaves quite a mess behind him.

5. Started to write again – it’s been ages since inspiration came to call.  I grabbed it and have it locked in the wardrobe.

6. Great banter at coffee after Writers Group. Good company always leaves me on a high.

7. Delighted when Kildare got through to Leinster Final by beating Laois – then watched the Dubs give a real drubbing to Westmeath.  Not feeling so confident now for the Lily Whites.  I think I won’t watch that one.


  1. Keep it locked up... maybe feed it a mars bar the odd time and a little tipple to keep it going....!

  2. The group itself wasn't so bad either :-)

  3. The Group was great - unfortunately I wasn't, and some of it passed in a bit of a blur. I only 'came to' after my Americano. Shame. Anyone knoe which of Liam's poems made it to the Dept. sylabus?

  4. Yes - it is one called 'The Willow Tree' from his first collection. It is apparently a nature poem. I've asked him to send it to me.