Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Scary on the road this morning.  Bright sunshine dazzled me as I approached a crossing - never even saw traffic lights and wondered why other motorists didn't ced right of way.  Skidded to a stop on the frosty surface!  Phew!  It wasn't that close really, but frightened the bejaysus out of me, I can tell you.

Trip to Harry Corry for curtains for bedroom in process of decoration.  Tidying fit before I left home, and dumped measurements in bin.  Hubby will be so disappointed at yet another example of my stupidity.  Bought curtains and rail - naturally, wrone size least they are the colour I want!  He has gone to change them, bless him!  carpet coming tomorrow, crack of dawn, and furniture to be moved back into position.  At least all the stuff on the landing should get into the bins before the festive season gets into full swing.

Birds are devouring the nuts and bacon and things we put out for them.  Such a variety of kinds of birds.  I swear I saw a robin as big as myself out there this morning.

Must go now - kiddies will be in from school in a minute, starving and full of woe, if this past week is anything to go by.  They are full of excess energy because it is too cold for them to play outside.  Might have to tie them down in front of television......  Yet another pot of spaghetti bolognais to be ladeled onto plates.  Maybe they'd like French toast instead?  No, the spag will do fine.  Good for their little tummies (and my pocket.  Bless the person who invented a mincer for meat).

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