Sunday, December 14, 2008

Feeling Frail

What a shitty few days its been!  Is one allowed say 'shitty' on one's Blog?  Now that 'Feck' has been declared a non-dirty word in the UK, maybe anything goes.  And anyway it's the truth.

Rain, rain, rain and cold, piercing cold, for the past few days.  Until today.  But then, today I am prostrated with a stinking cold, fever, runny nose, headache, the lot!  Not a pretty sight.  So un-Christmassy too, not to mention inconvenient as I have loads of presents to wrap before I forget what is for which child and end up giving the baby a hardback novel and the 11 year old footballer a set of novelty knitting needles.

Actually I'm quite proud of myself because this year I left nearly all my present money with the nice lady in the bookshop.  No shoving and pushing through the crowd in Smyth's, or queuing forever in Argos for me.  All good educational stuff, well stories are educational aren't they?  Most of the things I learnt in life were found in the pages of books.  That's why I'm such a sad person, having constantly been disappointed when life did not live up to this dream world I inhabited throughout my teens.  In vain I waited for my knight in shining armour to appear on his white horse, but  had to settle for an ordinary, (sorry partner) mortal in the end.  He didn't whisk me up onto his horse and ride off into the sunset only just ahead of a posse of irate uncles and brothers.  Well, to be fair, I don't have any brothers, but he didn't whisk me off anywhere, in fact I suspect he was running in the opposite direction when I managed to snare him in my big butterfly net and pinned him to the wall as a trophy.  He looked so sad, splayed there that I eventually released him on condition he would make an honest woman of me.

By the way, did you ever go sailing either on the sea or the river?  If not, try the sea while you are young and lithe and can dodge a swinging boom, whisk 'bumpers' out of the sea at lightening speed and control the churning workings of your innards.  Its not for the fainthearted, I can tell you.  Lough Ree 015

When your body slows down you can take to the river and relax as you meander along enjoying the scenery with less danger to life and limb. 

As I do so often, I managed to be a little different, sailing safely through the waves to the east, south and west of our lovely island and only coming a cropper on the comparatively safe waters of Lough Ree. 

But you don't need to hear about that.   Maybe another time!

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