Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Last Minute Bits And Pieces

There I was, thinking I was the only sad person in the world with time to write on her blog on Christmas Eve when I spot that 'Various' is still 'listing' away happily.  If a bright young thing like Various can find time to write, then it's safe for anyone to put pen to paper (in a manner of speaking).  I expect that Oubliette is up to her tonsils in all sorts of domestic chores, having decided to entertain practically the whole world (it seems) to celebrate Christmas Day in her new mansion.

Me, having been invited out for dinner tomorrow (yippee, no spuds to peel!) I had intended to pick up just one or two last minute things (like replacing the pressie I bought for ME but had to give to my sister when she called yesterday and I had nothing ready).  Jennifer Johnston's 'Foolish Mortals' had hopped off the shelf into my bag full of books for other people the other day.  Knowing how much I deserve a present, and the unlikelihood of any of my nearest and dearest selecting that particular book, I pretended not to see it.  Nevertheless I had it propped beside my bed, savouring the anticipation of the read.  When sister and Hubby arrived, I wept silently as I bravely wrapped it in festive paper and parted with it to my only sibling - (Hubby got sweets, in case you're interested).  My reward was being able to find another copy today when I went in to contribute once again to the financial gain of my Book Lady.

Just as I was about to put the feet up for a few minutes, daughter-in-law phoned, hysterical.  A certain supermarket had failed to deliver her goods ordered on the Internet.  (Wouldn't have happened in Uncle Fergal's time!).  Since this would have a disastrous effect on my dinner tomorrow, there was nothing for it but to brave the traffic again and challenge the store - incurring, for my kindness, having to deliver the stuff myself.  By the time I got home, the ham (one of my two chores for tomorrow, the other being the Bread Sauce) had uncoiled itself in my largest saucepan.  Why didn't I buy bacon instead of Centre Cut?  It would have been cheaper, sweeter and in one piece.


Anyway, at this stage (6.30pm) the Spiced Beef is cooked for after-Mass sandwiches, the presents are underneath the tree and the Candle is lighting in the window.  And Santa is surely on his way, heading this way from the East - Maybe in China now, do you think?  He'll be here before dawn and that's when the excitement starts for the little ones.

So I wish you all a Merry Christmas and optimism in abundance for the wretched year they say lies ahead.  Maybe it won't be as dreadful as predicted.


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