Monday, February 2, 2009


Alright so, who is snuggled up in bed or in front of the TV?  Who got home from work in less than 4 hours (that's what it took my daughter to travel from city centre to here tonight)?

My front garden has a lovely snowman, complete with carrot nose and rain-hat, built by Shona, (10) all by herself.  He stands proudly, facing the house so as not to scare the passersby.

Back garden is covered in snow and bathed in a pink light that glows - don't know whether its a combination of street lights reflected on snow clouds or whatever.   Daughter only got car this far, couldn't get into the drive, so left car here and continued home on foot with Shona leaving older daughter. wise enough not to brave the elements, to stay here with computer, her IPod, and all mod cons provided by Grandma.  One hopes that schools will be closed tomorrow to save us all an early rise.......

Do any of you remember snow like this?  The last time I can recall is on a Saturday/Sunday in January 1981.  You are all too young to remember that. There was no milk delivered to shops, no bread either.  Milk was dispensed from Hayden's Farm - up near Superquinn - we all togged out and went for some, whether we needed it or not, and it was a great adventure.  A friend brought me bread from the city on the Monday. 

No doubt 'Uisce' will have had an amazing adventure.  Cushions will have braved it to work.  Domestic will be out throwing snowballs with the boys......  I'll be watching Inspector Lindley or whatever Sky has to offer and making loads of soup and other nourishing things ......  


  1. Made it in - through all the slush - of course it'd never take 2 hours to get TO work
    "Going to work and being all reliable" is the new "Being a crazy exciting young thing"

  2. Oh, I don't do snow... that is on Daddys official list of daddy duties. But, otherwise yes, the O'Malleys junior were out enjoying the rare snowy treat. They had a wonderful time - perfect for perfect childhood memories. I've been telling them there hasn't been snow like this since I was their age. And I tells ya, school closes at 12 tomorrow... if school thinks I'm struggling over there for a few hours if its still as snowy as this, then they've another thing coming... the note shall read 'Dear teacher, I couldn't be arsed bring dearest son to school today. Tough. Signed Mrs O'Malley.'