Monday, January 26, 2009


Two nice things happened.

On Friday morning I spotted the first snowdrops in my garden.  They are little devils, you know, snowdrops.  You can check them every five minutes, then turn your back and there they are!  It always make me feel good when I spot them - it means that spring is definitely on its way!  And God knows we need every little thing that might cheer us up these days.

Then today a friend brought me for a drive.  We went down the N6 as far as the turn off for Kilteel, Eadestown, Blessington arriving in Ballymore Eustace in time for lunch.  Ballymore Inn - wonderful food, lovely atmosphere and friendly staff.  Eat too much, of course, but what the hell.

Drove back via Valleymount, Ballyknocken, Kilbride etc.  The sun was shining, lake was placid reflecting mountains and sky - utterly utterly beautiful.  I recommend that trip to anyone whose spirit needs lifting.  Only about 50miles round trip too.


  1. Valleymount can be amazing alright - through there and glendalough used to be my route to Tallaght from Wickland before the M50 was finished - always lifted my spirits before goin into the 2 hour scary meetings!!

  2. Sigh, is relaxing just reading about it :)