Friday, July 10, 2009

Happy 18th

Eldest Grandson is 18 today.  He came as a big surprise when his Dad was 19 and his Mum barely 18.  It was a traumatic time.  For any of you who may face a similar event, I have to tell you that he brought so much love with him (for all of us).

I brought him everywhere with me when he was small, and he was a delightful, undemanding companion.  He’s still the same.  Did his leaving cert this year but no great expectation of wonderful results. I just hope he gets into somewhere to do with radio or journalism for 3rd level or his parents will be disappointed.  He joined the radio station with me about a year ago and does 2 shows a week.  He’s coming on at it and on Monday had the first of his own shows (the others are with two other guys).

I was very bold and gave him his pressies tonight because although he usually stays here on Fridays, tonight his Dad was collecting him.  Then I listened to his radio show for 2 hours – I have to admit, I did a bit of painting and had a G & T to save me from his choice of music!

I love him to bits!


  1. Brilliant, I have a suspician that he feels the same about you Drama Queen, and that ye're kind of both alike, so he'll be fine whatever the "results" are... Happy Birthday!!!

  2. Just checked his Facebook and he had posted U Tube of Elvis in Jailhouse Rock. First saw it when I was an innocent 'culshie' 17 year old. Didn't want to go but my friends persuaded me. After 5 minutes they were holding me down on the seat because I was hysterical with delight. That's where the madness began.....