Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Tenuous Threads

One of the kiddies in the family is ‘special’ – he was born 10 years ago with what the doctors thought one year later was Cerebral Palsy.  The news was devastating.  They put him on a waiting list for speech therapy.  A year later they took him off because they changed their diagnosis to ‘brain damaged’ and there are very few support groups for that.

Last month Ethan had botox injected into his legs to help him walk without falling over.  He can talk, but his conversation is limited.  He heard about a car crash last year, for instance, and he asks about it every day.  His favourite book is the Argus catalogue which he ‘reads’ for hours, turning the pages in fascination.  He goes to a special school and made his 1st Communion in May this year.  His daddy and mammy love him very much and bring him everywhere.  (He is the second-eldest of four kids).

Yesterday Ethan had a ‘grand mal’ seizure and was taken to hospital.  They don’t know for sure what the cause was and are keeping him in for observation before having an MRI scan done.

It makes me realise what a tenuous thread holds us in life.  How quickly a little soul could be snuffed out, almost without any warning.  How terrifying it must be for his parents, knowing how lucky they were to be with their little boy when this seizure happened, and quick witted enough to call an ambulance even before the terrible shaking began.  They will be so afraid it might happen again, maybe when he is alone.

We take so much for granted.  We don’t appreciate each day as a gift to be treasured until something dreadful happens to make us realise it.

Don’t waste a single moment!


  1. God DQ, I am sorry. My heart goes out to his parents... every parents worst nightmare. You are so right though, you have to live like it is your last, and we don't... we think there is always another day and sometimes there isn't. You have inspired me

  2. That's really hard, life is so unfair sometimes, you're right of course, and thanks for sharing the thought.

  3. Well said DQ. Life is precious. I hope Ethan is ok.

  4. ah, the poor mite. Sending all my most positive whishes his way.

  5. Ethan came home from hospital today. Has to wait a few weeks for MRI scan in Temple Street because he couldn't lie still enough to have it done locally. He looks fine - but as you can imagine, he seems more precious to me. Thanks for good wishes all!