Wednesday, July 1, 2009


At the risk of annoying all you sun-worshippers, it was a relief to wake up this morning to a sun-less sky and feeling rather more like a human being that recently.  Maybe now my legs will shrink to the size of a baby elephant and I’ll be able to take a deep breath now and again instead of lying, listless, on the couch watching sky.

Maybe a few days of good old Thunder & Lightening would electrify us.

An incessant supply of ‘Murder She Wrote, Law & Order, the bloody SCI, The Practice and that awful oily M Poirot has my brain turned to jelly.  Jim Bergerac has merged into Midsummer Bloody Murders and Have I Got News for you is from so far back that even I can’t remember the political innuendos.

Someone made a fortune from churning out all those lousy scripts you know – that’s the market we should be aiming for -maybe!  To hell with literature, let’s steep ourselves in soaps, full of (b)lather and froth.  We could do a ‘round the table’ murder story some morning.  Hammer out a plot and see who can fill in the best dialogue.  Our characters could include menacing poets, sexual perverts and pub performers.  And of course a few clever-clogs that know all the answers (I bags being one of those, age bringing wisdom and all that jazz).  I think we could do it.

No?  Just a thought.

The urbane John Bowman bowed out from Q & A (he must have a Dorian Grey-like picture in the attic – he hasn’t aged at all over the years) but Vincent Browne rants on interminably.  Ministers head to the hills for holidays leaving us afraid to make plans in case our jobs disappear, wages shrink further, the price of petrol soars  and lawns are turned into allotments to feed the starving –us!  So there’s no sun shining on our economic fortunes either.

Welcome lovely dull July 09.



  2. Great stuff - first bit of good news and 30 days still to go!

  3. yes, but it is still bloody hot and clammy. I wish it would make up it's mind...

  4. "menacing poets, sexual perverts and pub performers"

    Admittedly there's alot of crossover between those categories, but I hope you're not tarring them all with the same brush!?!?

    I do like the idea of collaborating on a story tho

  5. "I'll 'ave you I will, o'er mountains high and lakes ancient and still'" said William B as he shook a menacing fist at Robert, the local flasher.

    Unworried and unrepentant, Robert gave WB another eye full of his family jewels before hightailing it up the main street of the quaint English village of which they were all resident.

    "Grrrr" rumbled Wb, fist still disturbing the heavy July air.

    But just as he was about to stride after Robert the flasher and give him a good thrashing, the door of the local olde pub opened, and though only open for a moment, he heard from inside the monotone drone of a performance poet. He could feel the red mist rising again. He marched towards the pub.

    "If there's one thing I hate more than a resplendant perv, its poetry being recited with self indulgent verve!"

    Dectective O'Highmurderrate-McForasmallvillage would christen the massacre 'The Pissed off Poet Murders'...

  6. Now that Madame Oubliette has shown her prowess - and what a delightful prowess it is! - and has her piece for next meeting finished, who else would like to get in on the act. Then we can cast the parts. No reason why Menacing poets can't be deviant, nor performing people be prevented from being clever clots.
    We might even audition! And head off to a pub for our own Murder Mystery Night.
    (Frail old ladies get extra points - and free drinks -for qualifying under all categories).