Saturday, September 5, 2009

Electric Shocks

Niamh should have the tent up by now, wellies not needed, but by the look of the sky here at 12.30, I wouldn’t put them far out of reach.  Even thinking about the delights in store down there leaves me exhausted (from envy).  I’m never in the right place at the right time.  I even missed Glastonbury, for God’s sake.

Colm is ready to strut his stuff on the big stage, should be fairly petrified this minute, but once he sees the audience out front, he’ll be fine.  He’ll produce his shy, charming smile - then blast them out of it.

David is basking in the glory of being short-listed for Sean O Faolain – such an international list, isn’t it?  Why am I not surprised?  Bravo Dave. We’ll all be rooting for  you for the major award (the cream buns will be on you if  you win actual cash.)

Louise will be reading her wonderful story to the group.  I bet there’s a prize lurking there too.

And Matt is probably terrified about his radio performance in the morning on Liffey Sound fm 96.4 at 11 o’clock.  We’ll all be listening to your Home Show.

Is this the end of the summer season, or is there more to come?  Well, in radio land there is a whole feast prepared to keep us going for the cold(er) months of autumn and winter.


  1. Such a stupidly talented group. I'm also home nursing my picnic envy having been up since an ungodly 6.45am with daughter who yelled 'Mummy, I'm awake. I WANT to watch television.' I would have loved to have gone to the picnic and left the 'real' world for a few days......

  2. Triona is eating a wispa and still not doing any writing...

  3. Or

    Tríona is saving the world, but still not doing any writing (while eating a wispa)