Sunday, September 13, 2009

A Maze Zing

I’ve had an amazing time! 

I even learned to rhyme a sonnet here and there;

to sup soup in the sun, sat  in a garden chair;

bring kids to the zoo with an elephant in tow;

light a fire with words (in my gifted way, don’t you know);

I was watered, fed and minded in the most delightful way

by some people who, each one of whom, had loads and loads to say

about history and and memory and stag-nighters and the like,

One even, in the morning, round a lake did have a hike.

Others lay and gobbled ‘Irish’ from the comfort of the bed.

(The sour ‘ould wan’ was given a plate of prunes instead!)

Then we listened to the radio to some outrageous chap

who claimed that he liked rivers (full of water, like a tap).

We appreciated grandeur and sat in a gracious room

until refreshments were delivered. Then to the cars Voom Voom!


  1. It was a good weekend Joan, you've captured some highlights - I think we all did some good writing too! We need to send those collaboration poems we did out into the world. I thought you were going to write about Russborough maze form the caption - which was was properly brilliant.

  2. Ah sounds brilliant alright. Glad ye had a good one. Not bitter and twisted about not being there at all at all at all...!

  3. That was the down side, some people not being able to be there. But we talked about you all the time! You should have heard....
    Relieved that you bounced back from your prior engagement, duly sweetened and adored.
    Now, what's this Monday poem thingy? Is it music? Can we get it ready in advance? I thought it had to be spur of the moment stuff. Must check it out.

  4. I am still laughing at your comment about proper or good relationships! Scintilating company as always Joan, I had a ball.

  5. Yay! Great weekend! :) Great poem! We is all jeanyuses!

  6. The company, the weather, the location, the hotel made for a weekend that I think will be remembered for a long time.