Monday, September 14, 2009

Frank Poem 4TFE

He flew me to the moon and sprinkled my life with stardust.

He lulled me to a comfort zone when I was feeling most alone.

No lover ever swung to the sound his songs more than me

And he raised my game in pursuit of fame,

Massaged the frown from my brow when I was down

As if he knew what I was going through when, in the wee small hours, I was tempted to  have one more for the road.

He taught me to reinvent myself, to do it my way, time after time and saved me from getting eternally caught in the tender trap.

And now, although it’s over; its over, he’s gone, the melody lingers in my heart every time I listen to him sing.


  1. Had a lovely little listen to that's life while on hold in work today, reminded me of that frantic hour all those weeks ago,

  2. Ole blue eyes is still the best and you're poem has left me thinking that I get a kick out of you! Thanks a million for joining in,the song track of life deadly work, loved it!

  3. I'm with TFE, loved it!
    Cleverly done with feeling. What more could you ask?

  4. Glad you liked my tribute to Frankie - he has reflected all my best thoughts in all his songs. I look forward to next week's chore!