Monday, January 19, 2009


My Blog has taken on a life of its own - re-publishing an earlier piece and offering it as new.  I wonder could I patent this kind of 'bi-locational blog? ' It would save me having to think up things to write and at the same time make you all think that I am very busy indeed. 

I never got the mushroom pack in fact, and had quite forgotten it.  Must keep an eye out for them.  But I won't ask in Woodies again - the nice young man there told me all about 'tunnels' and 'manure' and all sorts of things that mushroom apparently need if they are to grow into the lovely things I like to fry with garlic and butter and loads of black pepper and pop on top of my minute steak.  Normally I might have been interested, but at the time I was desperate for two more Christmas presents so couldn't really appreciate his helpfulness.

Something fell with a clunk while I was driving on Friday.  a nice young man followed me for half a mile to my destination to tell me about it.  Wasn't that an unexpected nice gesture?  We couldn't see anything in the dark.  Hubby could neither see anything there nor, I think did he believe me.  For the weekend every time I went faster than 50kph there was this whirring noise - hubby couldn't hear that either, and don't try to tell me he never drives over 50kph!  Luckily grandson heard it too.

Garage man nearly had a fit this morning.  Undercarriage of engine apparently has plastic floor.  This had disconnected, ripped out all screws etc, passenger side wing was more mobile than it should be - like hanging off!  He cobbled it together nicely but wasn't happy when I mentioned next week's NCT.  Will have to wait and see what the mechanic-detective at the NCT finds.

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