Saturday, January 10, 2009

More Of The Same

I haven't contributed anything for the past week or so.  Got disheartened, I suspect, by the vacarious life that cushions live.  Imagine walking back from town?  Got to be something wrong there, but I suppose it paid off if it got her into such good shape that she was the Best in the Water.  Maybe I'll try it - although I really believe that water is for sailing on or putting in whiskey to be honest. 

Did I tell you that I scribble a bit?  Oh yes.  I too have a novel - but I fear it is languishing in a drawer because the heroine became so boring that I wanted to slap her.  I wouldn't mind, only I have the end of the book written, but just couldn't get her there.  Maybe next year....

But, spurred on by the enthusiasm of another friend who has written a really scary piece - I promise I won't stay in a room alone with her any more! - I did produce a little masterpiece myself.  Just 2,300 words but, like Cushions, I know it's a winner!  Well, I thought it was a winner when I finished it.  Now I'm not so sure, flaws are beginning to show, I know that when I read it out at our group and people contribute their 'helpful hints' I will lose faith entirely and it too, will languish.  But hell, I really enjoyed putting it down on paper.

I dabble in radio too and have a show at 5 today.  Usually I am just a contributor to this 'Drive Time' sort of hour, but today I am in the driving seat, if you'll pardon the phrase, so anything could happen. Have a good friend coming along to participate - mistake really as she's a vibrant soul who will be so scintillating that I'll lose my spot!  C'est la vie - well my 'vie' anyway.  Toujours la meme chose.  Is my French really that bad or can this stupid PC not read?

My picture below is the chimney of the old Hill's Mills on the Strawberry Bed Road.  Just thought you'd like to see it.

Treasury 004

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